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Add Multiple Transitions At Once

This multiple transitions thing might be useful if you have like a slideshow sequence at some point in your video or because it is fashionable to add overwhelming and unjustified fade to black transitions in the hope of creating tension in a sequence...

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Batch renumber files with zero-padded sequential number

When standardizing the naming of files for the need of storage or video making, we might come across the need to add to it sequential number with leading zeros. It mainly requires programs which are able to execute the same action in a loop, and that is what this tip is all about.

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Burning subtitles onto a video

Burning subtitles onto a videos means: making the subtitles part of the image; giving no option to toggle on and off the subtitles. Could be useful when sending our video to film festivals, for example.

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Create and Save a Custom Effect

The by default transition effect's duration might not be satisfactory, the colour grading of a clip might be needed for another clip later on; there are many reasons why you want to create and save your own effect or transition effect and there are ways of doing it.

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Format of the media files

It comes a moment when choosing the format of the project has to be decided.

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Frame By Frame Audio Scrubbing

In the process of a pernickety editing session, visual frame by frame scrubbing is a necessity.  But sound has its say and can also be scrubbed frame by frame.  It can be useful, for example, in finding the clapper board cue when syncing audio and video footage, of a same scene, recorded on different devices and not having a timecode in common.

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From an image sequence to a video

Making a video file out of a sequence of still images is a process taking place between the shooting of an animated film to its editing or compositing.  Stop motion software allow you that but might be limited in terms of codec – think of DNxHD or ProRes for editorial purpose.  It also can be done with tools such as After Effects but it is quite heavy going for such a straight forward process.

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Full Screen

For the ones who don't have a broadcast monitor and have just one screen, editing is synonym of having the timeline preview the size of a postage stamp.  And, it has to be said, having our work display on a full and bigger screen increases the enjoyability of our job...

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Get The Media Files Organized

It could be that we need to work on several projects at the same time; it could be that we need to store a specific project on the side while working on another project, on the same machine. In order to get several projects on the go but not having their media files mixed up, there are some organisational tips that help us in such essential aspect of project management.

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Install the ffmpeg command line tool

Ffmpeg is a command line tool which mission, as quoted on the official website, is to “decode, encode, transcode, mux, demux, stream, filter and play pretty much anything that humans and machines have created”.  Regarding on how to install this tool, it is not about starting an executable which let us going through the installation process like many other applications but just a question of putting the single file containing the whole program at the right place.

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Join Through Edits

Through edits are edits separating continuous portions of a same clip, therefore the footage plays seamlessly despite the presence of an edit.  Through edits have reasons to be there at first (isolating a maybe-useful portion of clip, marking music beats in a filler etc.) but then, as we moved on something else, they become cumbersome, rhythmically of no use and visually disturbing 'real' edits...  So when the Undo command can not be used anymore, there are ways of joining through edits and make your timeline a kingdom of pure rhythmical edits...

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Show The Entire Sequence

At some point getting too close to your sequence makes it hard to see how this works as a whole.  A glimpse to your sequence in its entirety helps in having a complete feel of your sequence's rhythm and equilibrium, or simply helps in finding a specific clip or key point you were looking for...

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